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Five Tips For Taking Teenagers To Majorca

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club mac alcudia

Here at Club MAC Alcudia, a great holiday resort in Majorca, you’ll find fun for all the family. But if you have teenagers how will you get them to engage, when kids are notorious for being a bit awkward in their teenage years. Keep reading, to learn five tips for taking teens to Majorca! Read full article

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How To Get The Best Exchange Rates in Majorca

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Before arriving at Club MAC Alcudia, an outstanding family holiday resort in sun-drenched Majorca, you will have to change your Pounds into Euros. Find the best deal on exchange rates, so you have the cash needed for a fabulous getaway. Here’s how to get the best exchange rates in Majorca.

Research and plan

They key to a good holiday is planning. Read full article

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How to Make Your Suitcase Lighter

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Club MAC packing suitcase

Before flying out to sun-drenched Majorca to stay at top holiday resort Club MAC Alcudia, think carefully about what to bring. If your suitcases are too heavy, you’ll have to pay extra charges while flying, making your fabulous family getaway more expensive. Here are a few tips that you can use to make your suitcase lighter and avoid those pesky charges. Read full article

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Visit Club MAC Alcudia in October 2016

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Club MAC image of Family on beach

Are you looking for the perfect family holiday destination this half-term? Why not fly out to popular Mediterranean tourist hotspot Majorca and book a stay at Club MAC Alcudia? One of the finest family resorts on the Island, you’re sure to have a fabulous time if you visit us this October…

Half term holidays

The Club MAC season runs from the beginning of May to the end of October every year. Read full article

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What Sports Facilities Can You Find at Club MAC Alcudia?

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Club MAC Mini Golf

While staying at our outstanding Majorcan family holiday resort, you might want to play sports with your family, so you can make holiday memories you’ll cherish forever. Luckily for you, you and your loved ones can find a range of first-rate sporting facilities when you’re at Club MAC Alcudia.

Family fun

If you visit Alcudia, Read full article

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It’s Now Easier Than Ever to Book a Holiday at Club MAC Alcudia!

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Club MAC Online Booking

We’re always looking for ways to improve the customer service we offer here at Club MAC Alcudia. We are proud to announce that recently, we have introduced new features which will make it easier than ever for you to book an amazing holiday at our resort this year!

Vital tool

Data shows that over three quarters (76%) of British adults now own smartphones. Read full article

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Five Snorkelling Tips for Beginners

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Snorkelling at Club MAC Alcudia

Club MAC Alcudia features a range of swimming pools, two natural lakes and is based near some of Majorca’s most popular beaches. When visiting our resort this summer, you can try exciting water-based activities such as snorkelling, which is perfect for the kids. If this sounds like something you want to try, Read full article

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Indulge in Beauty Treatments at Club MAC

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Club MAC Treatments

Take a break from your busy life by flying out to sun-drizzled Majorca this summer. While there, you might want to relax and pamper yourself, so you can return home ready to take on the world! There’s no better way to pamper yourself than by indulging in a few beauty treatments at Club MAC Alcudia! Read full article

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Five Museums to Check Out in Majorca

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Inhabited for centuries, Majorca has an incredibly rich, diverse culture. When staying at Club MAC Alcudia, you may want to explore the Island’s cultural heritage by heading to one of its popular museums. Here are five museums you might want to check out in Majorca.

Yannick & Ben Jakober Foundation

If you want to stay close to Club MAC, Read full article

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