What we do

The work that goes on behind the scenes

When you sit down to enjoy your meals or go for a refreshing swim in any of our pools, loads of work has gone on previously to ensure you have a healthy and safe holiday.

Swimming pools

18 daily readings

24 microbiology analysis per season

69,000€ spent per season on average

14 members of staff are fully trained by Preverisk in all procedures, water treatment, cleaning, etc. In case of an accident, pools are closed for 24 hours in order to return them to a healthy level for bathing.


159 temperature checks per day

External audits and food analysis

17,000€ spent per season on new technology

3,000€ spent per season on disinfectants

60 restaurant staff, 30 bar staff, 60 kitchen staff and 13 management staff are trained every year during the winter in the latests health and safety procedures.


194 public toilet checks per day

Weekly health & safety committee meeting

7 to 9 lab tests

10,000€ spent per year

60 member of housekeeping staff are trained every year in health and safety procedures.

Some amazing figures

Vinyl gloves: 27,000 per year

Sanitizing gel for surfaces: 160 l. per year

Sanitizing hand gel: 825 l. per year

Bleach: 5,345 l. per year

Hand rails, chairs, lift buttons, lift card swipers, armrests, guides’ desks, phone booths, bathroom doors and handles, coffee corner machines, drinks taps, buffet tongs, buffet surfaces, door handles, telephones, room furniture, mirrors, switches, sunbeds, tables, high chairs, room keys, hidropark fobs, reception desks, cash machines are disinfected deeply every half an hour if more than 0.5% of the population of the complex is known to suffer from a virus.